Hard Drive Destruction in Fort Wayne

Hard Drive Shredding

Merely erasing data from an outdated computer hard drive is not enough to ensure that your business’ confidential or highly sensitive information is protected. As long as a hard drive is intact, hackers can find a way to access the data it contains — emails, invoices, proprietary or personal information, etc. The only way to be certain the data will never be accessed is by securely shredding the hard drive. Secure hard drive destruction will render the hard drive unreadable and guarantee that the data remains protected.

As businesses — ranging from doctors offices to law firms to financial institutions and more — all know, your business has a legal obligation to keep customers’ and employees’ information secure and protected against the threat of data theft. Protect your business and stay compliant with privacy regulations by choosing Fort Wayne’s Federal Records Management and Shredding to shred hard drives with our guaranteed hard drive destruction process.

Our experienced and certified staff will shred your hard drives at our local AAA certified information destruction facility. After our hard drive destruction equipment has destroyed the disk, it is sent to a certified metal and electronics recycler for further processing. You can rest easy knowing that your hard drives’ information has been completely destroyed and that the destructed hard drives have been disposed of without adding toxins and metals to the environment.

If your Fort Wayne area business needs secure hard drive destruction, look no further than NAID AAA certified Federal Records Management and Shredding. We are experts at shredding hard drives, as well as offering a range of on-site and off-site confidential paper shredding services and secure records management in Fort Wayne.

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