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Fort Wayne, IN

Many businesses have heard about records managment, but what is records management and why is it important for your business? It is the handling, administration, maintenance, storage, and end of cycle destruction of important and confidential business records. Managing records is a very important aspect of running a business and can protect your business', customer's and employee's sensitive information.

Many business records should be kept for a number of years, there's also HIPPA requirments and confidentiality regulations that most business including hospitals, doctors offices, banks, and lawyers, must follow. However, most offices don't have the space to store all of these documents. That's where we come in.

Federal Records Management & Shredding provides management, records storage, and document retrieval for businesses in and around Fort Wayne. Offsite records storage frees up valuable office space and reduces the amount of time employees spend on the management of your records.

Whether you need to store medical records, business documents, legal filings or other sensitive information, Federal Records Management & Shredding in Fort Wayne provides cost-effective off-site solutions. When you need access to your documents, contact us; we will securely deliver them to you. Since we're a locally operated company, that means you have access to your documents in minutes, not hours or days.

Let us show you the many benefits of records management including how we can save you money by reducing document storage and retrieval costs.

Storage Boxes: We offer durable boxes to safely hold your documents for storage.


Security: Records are stored in our secure facility with 24/7 surveillance inside and out.


Pickup/Delivery: Secure pickup and delivery of your documents when you need them - 24/7/365.


GPS Tracking: All of our secure trucks are equipped GPS tracking technology which allows us to monitor our vehicle’s real-time location.We know where our trucks, and your materials, are at all times.


Barcode Tracking: Records are tracked every step of the way with our advanced barcode tracking system.


Indexing: Know exactly which files are in which box for fast retrieval and advanced tracking options.


Shredding: When records have reached the end of their life-cycle, they can be shredded at our AAA certified facility. Shredded paper is then recycled.

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